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Should I check my springs every now and then?

You garage door springs must be checked every now and then. This part of your door bears the brunt of heavy lifting when your door opens and closes. This can be extremely dangerous to replace. Thus, you never try to replace and adjust springs on your own.

What are the common causes for the garage door not to close?

A garage door that does not close is one of the most common problems encountered by owners. This is usually caused by the close speed needing adjustment, broken hinges, and obstructions. Try to check on these things but if you’re not sure how to do it, it’s best to leave it to the experts.

Do glass garage doors offer the same level of security as their steel and wooden counterparts?

According to our experts, glass garage doors are reinforced to withstand pressure, wear and tear and are translucent to conceal their contents. When it comes to safety, they are as safe as steel and wood as the glass panels are made of thick materials and are strengthened by aluminum panels that hold them together.

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